About Us

Bringing together a dynamic team of healthcare experts.

Evolution into a leading medical group

Founded in 1993, Holdsworth House Medical Practice has evolved into a distinguished service company. Renowned as the preferred platform for seasoned and skilled health professionals, we offer a platform for delivering exceptional medical care to their patients.

Our identity is defined by more than just medical excellence – it's our welcoming and dynamic team culture, unparalleled avenues for professional growth, captivating boutique offices, and strategic proximity to Sydney and Brisbane's vital transport links.

At Holdsworth House, we embody a commitment to fostering exceptional healthcare while fostering a workplace that celebrates progress, connection, and impact.

Our Spaces

Centrally located throughout Sydney and Brisbane, our practices ensure a comfortable and convenient experience throughout your visit. Moreover, you'll be delighted by our exceptional art collection adorning these spaces. Each artwork has been thoughtfully selected to create an environment that nurtures both your physical well-being and your creative spirit.

Our Values

The Holdsworth House Group are dedicated to providing exceptional medical care with a compassionate touch.


Trust in our skilled medical professionals who bring extensive knowledge and experience to deliver top-quality care.


We genuinely care about your well-being, treating you with empathy, kindness, and understanding throughout your medical journey.

Personalised Care

Your health matters to us. We listen attentively, respect your individuality, and design personalised treatment plans just for you.

Our Sponsorships

Joining Forces with Kenya Aid

Holdsworth House is proud to sponsor Kenya Aid, a not-for-profit organisation registered in Australia, committed to reducing the burder of disease and improving the quality of health services in developing countries.

Kenya Aid and Holdsworth House Medical Practice share a passion for fighting the burden of HIV and AIDS. Our combined vision is to provide rural Kenya with quality health care, and also to promote education for preventative health strategies.

For more information about Kenya Aid, or to make a donation, visit www.kenyaaid.org

Holdsworth House Medical Practice is committed to ongoing improvement and we are Accredited by QPA Accreditation

QPA ACCREDITATION Plus is the only general practice accreditation system accredited by JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand), an independent accreditation body, and offers a quality guarantee for patients.

General Practices are assessed for accreditation against the Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) Standards for General Practices. The members of the QPA Advisory Board and Accreditation Committee are practising doctors, General Practice academics, key opinion leaders, and community delegates having detailed knowledge of General Practice and its associated risk management.

The accreditation process assesses that the rights and needs of patients are being addressed. Accreditation also assesses the standard of the practice premises, organisation, staffing systems and medical record management. QPA Accreditation Plus is a pathway to Holdsworth House services highlighting: Enhanced patient care, Increased professional satisfaction, Improved Practice efficiency and Superior risk management.

Our Team

The best-in-class experts who share a passion for excellence.

At Holdsworth House Group, we have a team of top-tier professionals who are united by their dedication to brilliance. Their strategic leadership and relentless pursuit of quality drive our mission forward.