Holdsworth House Medical Practice is a dedicated team of doctors, specialists, nurses, dentists and allied health professionals providing comprehensive health care services to the local community since 1993.

Our network of practitioners provide a wide variety of complementary services at convenient locations in central Sydney, Brisbane and Byron Bay.
Holdsworth House currently employs over 60 staff and contracts its services to over 40 healthcare practitioners from various medical, dental, dermatology and allied health specialties.
We pride ourselves on our friendly and vibrant team culture, excellent professional development opportunities, stunning boutique offices, and proximity to Sydney, Brisbane and Byron Bay CBD and transport links.

Medical Education

Since 2005, Holdsworth House Medical Education has run an annual GP professional development conference with talks from Australian and international experts. To find out more, please contact us at medical.education@holdsworthhouse.com.au.

Practice Policies

Some of our general policies are outlined below for your reference. Contact your nearest practice location for more specific or detailed information.

Our practices take part in various State/National health registries, such as the Australian Childhood Immunisation Registry or State Cervical Cytology Registry. The registry system is used for monitoring or reminder purposes. Please let your local practice know if you'd rather not participate.
You have a right to access your health records held by a health care professional, such as a doctor or dentist, or held by a health care provider, such as a hospital, clinic or community health service. Usually the actual record, that is, the paper, the folder, the CD, etc, is kept by the health care professional or health care provider who made the record or who holds the record.

Getting access to your health record usually means the person or body holding the record gives you a copy. If you get access to your records this way, you may have to pay for the costs of making and sending you the copy. Right of access can also mean that you are allowed to look at the original record at the office of the holder of the record. Sometimes, with private doctors, you may be only given a summary of the records.

You only have a right to access records made by private health care providers after 2001 (when the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) was expanded to include some private sector agencies).
You can transfer your health record at any time by completing a written request form available from Holdsworth House reception. An administrative fee is applicable to cover the time, materials and postal fees involved in transferring your records. This fee varies depending on the size of your health record and can be waived in special circumstances. Please advise our reception team if you are not in a financial position to pay the administration fee.
Holdsworth House is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest standards of clinical professionalism, expertise and care. If you are not satisfied that we have met these standards, please send an email with the details of your concerns to our CEO: ceo@holdsworthhouse.com.au. All complaint emails are acknowledged immediately and an internal investigation commences upon receipt of a complaint. A formal response is issued within 10 days from the receipt of the initial complaint. Any actions identified in the investigation will be followed up within 28 days.

If after this process there are still unresolved concerns about the level of care received at Holdsworth House, you can lodge a complaint with either of the following agencies and find further information about the complaints process in the accompanying links:
NSW Health Complaints Agency: http://www.hccc.nsw.gov.au/Complaints/How-To-Make-a-Complaint/
QLD Office of the Health Ombudsman: http://www.oho.qld.gov.au/

Quality Guarantee - Confidentiality, Privacy & Accreditation

Holdsworth House Medical Practice is accredited under the JAS-ANZ scheme

GPA ACCREDITATION Plus is the only general practice accreditation system accredited by JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand), an independent accreditation body, and offers a quality guarantee for patients.

General Practices are assessed for accreditation against the Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) Standards for General Practices. The members of the GPA Advisory Board and Accreditation Committee are practising doctors, General Practice academics, key opinion leaders, and community delegates having detailed knowledge of General Practice and its associated risk management.

The accreditation process assesses that the rights and needs of patients are being addressed. Accreditation also assesses the standard of the practice premises, organisation, staffing systems and medical record management. GPA Accreditation Plus is a pathway to Holdsworth House services highlighting: Enhanced patient care, Increased professional satisfaction, Improved Practice efficiency and Superior risk management.

Kenya Aid

Holdsworth House is proud to sponsor Kenya Aid, a not-for-profit organisation registered in Australia, committed to reducing the burden of disease and improving the quality of health services in developing countries.


About Kenya Aid

Kenya Aid and Holdsworth House Medical Practice share a passion for fighting the burden of HIV and AIDS. Our combined vision is to provide rural Kenya with quality health care, and also to promote education for preventative health strategies.

For more information about Kenya Aid, or to make a donation, go to: www.kenyaaid.org