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Staphylococcus Aureus (S. aureus) Vaccine Study

Staphylococcus Aureus (S. aureus) Vaccine Study


Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) is a bacterium that can cause a range of illnesses varying from mild to life-threatening diseases. Around 30% of people carry S. aureus in their nose. Most of the time this does not cause any harm1. However, S. aureus is considered as a major cause of infection in the hospital and healthcare settings despite the availability of several antibiotics to treat diseases caused by this bacterium.

The clinical pattern of S. aureus infections includes:

  1. aureus is among the bacteria with the highest antibiotic resistance (for example multi-resistant S. aureus [MRSA, a type of bacteria that the usual antibiotics can no longer tackle]) and currently no vaccine is approved for use.

An investigational vaccine needs to be tested and approved by national health agencies before it can be approved for use and given to people in the general community. Several studies are done to test an investigational vaccine. National health agencies look at the results of these studies and then decide whether to approve an investigational vaccine for use. All routine vaccines that you or your child receive have been through this same process.


The vaccine being tested in this research study was made to help prevent recurrent infections of the skin and soft tissues caused by S. aureus.

The vaccine used in the current study contains 5 components (antigens) from the bacterium S. aureus.

Several of the component parts have been tested previously in other human research studies, but not in the current combination.


You will be required to come to our clinic 6 or 8 times, each visit you will see the study doctor and then the research team for vaccination or blood draw.

There will also be 5 or 3 telephone calls with the study staff.

There is no cost for the vaccine or study visits, and you will be compensated for time and travel.



This clinical study will be available at our Sydney and Brisbane medical practice. For location information, see Sydney, or Brisbane.


A/Prof Mark Bloch – Sydney

Dr Fiona Bishop – Brisbane


Please contact Holdsworth House Research to register your interest:

Phone: 02 8038 1044


Or enter your details here to request more information.


  1. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Staphylococcus aureus in Healthcare Settings,, [accessed August 2021].

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