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RSV Vaccine (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) & Flu Vaccine

Recruiting patients from Sydney


RSV is a virus that can cause infections of the air passages. Most people may not know when they are infected with RSV specifically because the symptoms are very similar to the common cold or flu, such as:

Sometimes, RSV infections can turn into more severe cases such as:

Older adults have a higher risk of getting a severe RSV infection than younger adults.



Currently there is no vaccine available for RSV, but like the flu, it is typically seasonal and peaks during winter. Therefore, it is a possibility that an RSV vaccine may be given at the same time as the seasonal flu vaccine. This study will explore the immune responses of both vaccines when they are administered at the same time, as opposed to separately.

The study will last for 2 months, and there are 3 visits to our clinic.  All clinic visits and vaccines will be free of charge, and you will be reimbursed for time and travel for all visits.





A/Prof Mark Bloch



Please contact Holdsworth House Research to register your interest and have a confidential discussion with a member of the team:

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Participants are not obligated to join a study, and are able to withdraw at any time.

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