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Meningococcal Vaccine Study for Adults

Recruiting patients from Brisbane


Meningococcal disease is a rare, but potentially devastating bacterial infection of the blood and/or membranes that line the spinal cord and brain. It can progress rapidly, beginning with symptoms such as fever and irritability that are easily mistaken for a common cold. Most children survive meningococcal disease, but if it is not diagnosed or treated quickly it may lead to serious long-term disability or death within 24 hours. This research study will help us learn about an investigational vaccine that might protect against diseases caused by different types of meningococcus strains (types A, B, C, W, Y).

An investigational vaccine needs to be tested and approved by national health agencies before it can be approved for use and given to people in the general community. Several studies are done to test an investigational vaccine. National health agencies look at the results of these studies and then decide whether to approve an investigational vaccine for use. All routine vaccines that you or your child receive have been through this same process.

This study is being conducted to learn more about the safety and immune response of the study vaccine in people aged 18-50.



Currently there are multiple vaccines that cover single or a varied combination of the five main strains but there is no existing combination that covers all five strains.

This investigational vaccine is a combination so that a single vaccination covers five strains of the disease (types A, B, C, W, Y), The vaccine has the potential to reduce the number of injections and help to protect the global population against the five main strains.



You will be required to come to our clinic 4 times, each visit you will see the study doctor and then the research team for vaccination or blood draw.

There is no cost for the vaccine or study visits, and you will be compensated for time and travel.





Dr Ken Koh



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