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Investigating a switch from daily HIV medications

Investigating a switch from daily HIV medications

If you are living with HIV and have been undergoing treatment for at least 6 months, you might be able to participate in a clinical research study.

The SOLAR study is being conducted to learn if a combination of two investigational* medications, taken every 2 months, can keep the amount of HIV virus in your body at low levels compared to a combination of three HIV medications, taken daily as a single tablet.

Eligible study participants will be assigned at random (like flipping a coin) to one of two options:

Study participation will last 1 year, with the potential to enter an extension phase of the study after that. In the extension phase, all participants will receive the investigational medications.

Investigational medications and study-related tests and procedures will be provided at no cost.

You  may be able to participate in the study if you:

There are other requirements that the study doctor will discuss with you.

* Investigational means these medications have not been approved as an every-2-months HIV treatment by any regulatory authority.

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